Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I've seen a lot this year about taking back halloween for girls. Basically calling for the end of the slutty costumes. I totally agree with this by the way and am horrified at the differences I see in boy and girl stuff generally (last year one of my girls had "boy boots" because only one style of "girl boots" were actually waterproof and they had one of that style in their size--and I have 2 girls the same size). But I thought oh my girls are eight, they won't have that much of a battle, if we stick to the pattern books like we usually do.

Well, thank you Simplicity for putting the adult costumes in with the kids costumes in the pattern book. One of my daughters saw this:

She thought the black swan was the creepiest thing she EVER saw and instantly asked if she could be that. After much discussion we agreed I'd buy this pattern:

And make it all black. This was deemed acceptably creepy.

My other daughter could not decide for a long time and then in the end decided to be this primarily because of the hair.

Actually these costumes didn't go together badly. The main problem I encountered was the sequined fabric for the rock star. It was hard to cut, gummed up my sewing needle and was impossible to press. The tu tu on the ballerina costume wasn't even sewn, it was merely tied on. So tulle is awkward and everything, but one afternoon had the whole thing done.

I think they turned out well.

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