Tuesday, May 29, 2012

button button who has the button

On Saturday, I hauled both girls off to Joann Fabrics because our local store was having a Memorial Day sale and buttons were 50% off. I love it when sales correspond with my needs and I get a good bargain.

We ended up spending $11 and getting buttons for the purple sweater, the grey sweater AND my poor black calorimetry. So yep, three projects and the buttons would have been $22. Now everyone knows why I was so excited by this sale.

What does $11 (or $22) buy you?

These are for the purple sweater. I'm going to have to do some swatching to be sure I get the buttonholes right--since we have two different sizes. I kind of wish she'd have picked just one kind.
purple sweater buttons
She's my panda queen so this was not unexpected.

The grey sweater is getting these
grey sweater buttons
Which I was surprised at, but they look nice with the grey. with the sleeve

And my poor neglected Calorimetry gets a sparkly button, that hated the camera.
closeup button

Now I guess I don't have any excuses for not finishing and better get knitting. (and sewing).

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Daisy said...

It always takes me forever to get around to sewing buttons on things. Finishing in general, really. Once I'm done with the knitting my brain thinks it ought to be done.