Thursday, November 15, 2012

holiday knitting

This is the time of year when I am usually up to my ears in projects for teachers. But this year, for the first time, I am feeling eh about it.

Part of the issue is that this is the first year my twin girls have been separated, so now I'm dealing with twice the teachers as usual. Also because my time has been split between the two classes, I don't know either teacher very well. And they are in 4th grade, which means that I am not helping in the classroom nearly as much as I did when they were in first grade.

Let's also add to the fact that there are three aides between the two classes.
Usually I wouldn't worry about aides, as they are really there not to help the whole class but to help one child within the class, but girltwin b has an aide who has been with both girls every year since kindergarten (excepting first grade) and she does actually help the whole class too. Add to this that I've made her two scarves and a necklace over the years, I feel like this year I need to give her something. But then if I give HER something, do I need to give the two aides in girltwin a's class?

Other complications have also arisen. Girltwin A's teacher told me she is allergic to wool and alpaca (we were on a field trip to a farm, so it isn't as weird as it sounds), and girltwin b's teacher doesn't seem like the scarf type.

Initially I had thought I'd go over to the dark side and make ruffle scarves. (red heart sashay!)I KNOW! but they are really in right now. The thing is, with those scarves, you kind of need to be a scarf person. Or shall we say a fashionable person who might think a nice accessory is a scarf. And of the 5 people in question--ONE of them is (and she's the aide I know the least).

This is starting to feel like one of those terrible logic problems.

The other complication is that last weekend barnes and noble was running a special--buy $75 in gift cards, get a $10 bonus card. And we bought 5, $15 gift cards, thinking that they would come in handy for things like teacher gifts, emergency gifts, and donation gifts. But now it feels super tempting to just give the teachers the gift cards and either bake something for the aides or I guess I COULD knit them scarves. Do those ruffle scarves take long? I mean I could make 2 one each for the two younger aides (and the one I know gets her fashionable stuff appropriated by her daughter) and a nice sturdy scarf (like the Irish hiking scarf ) for the third aide. But do I want to?

So many decisions, so little time.

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