Tuesday, July 02, 2013

summer sweater

Most people knit socks in the summer. And I like knitting socks, don't get me wrong, but this summer, I thought I'd try something a little different: a sweater.

*So I cast on for the dahlia cardigan. And then I made a mistake and had to rip that out. repeat from * 8 times.

It starts as a provisional cast on--no problem. With 4 stitches: no problem. Increase to 8: no problem, Join in the round and start the lace pattern: problem. I actually think the fact that it was 8 stitches and trying to manage 3 dpns and yarn over was some sort of issue.

After like 10 tries I got to the point in the lace where I thought I finally had it, but then was off 2 stitches. I think that was row 5 or something.

Finally I made it to row 7, was again off a stitch but was able to tink back to the error. And so now I have the beginnings of the center medallion:

dahlia I am hoping to get past all the tricky stuff before we have another long car trip. And I'm hoping to finish this in time for cooler weather. We'll see. Right now I haven't even decided which size I'm going to make, I thought I'd see how big my medallion turned out. How's that for disaster waiting to happen?

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