Wednesday, March 19, 2014

knitting funk

I have officially finished the dahlia cardigan and I even wore it. I think it is going to be a great spring and fall sweater (maybe even for cool summer evenings). And now I'm, well, stuck.

I don't have any thing in the works. I don't have any ideas. I don't have anything just begging to get made.

I have yarn! I mean I got some great sock yarn both for my birthday and for Christmas (quince and Co and Modeknits yarn). I have a gift card to my local LYS that I got for Christmas. But I am feeling a little burned out on socks. Perhaps it is because I have 2 weeks worth of socks already. I just finished a sweater, and so despite having three ideas for sweaters, I'm feeling a little sweatered out. I especially don't feel like taking on the cardigan that would make another great light sweater--the dollar and half cardigan. I'm hoping that my need for a hat or a scarf, or mittens is nearly over.

I asked my daughters if they wanted anything and of course they have a list. Yes, they'd love socks! They both also expressed a desire for a beret (one pink, one purple) and when I asked if they would wear a beret, One daughter replied--"Not to school! It would be my weekend beret!" The same daughter wanted a sweater, but not any old keep me warm sweater--no she wants a pretty sweater, like the one I just made for me. So, now I realize that love for ones children does not extend to picking up and knitting a second dahlia cardigan.

Socks though are a very real possibility. They are still growing enough that they have outgrown the last pair I made them. I worry a little that I'll get socks done just in time for summer and then they will outgrow those before fall. And of course, I'm not in a hurry to use up my fun sock yarn on still-growing feet. So I asked what colors, thinking I'd buy some more inexpensive sock yarn, and got one that wants lacy socks in a greenish yellow. The other wants purple. I think though, I’ll wait until summer for the socks--maybe aim for the first day of school or something—so they fit throughout the winter. I know if I start now, we’ll hit barefoot time within a month of completion.

No, really the only thing that is in any way striking my fancy is something felted. I don’t know exactly what though. A bag maybe? I have two small felted bags and that seems like plenty. I have felted slippers that I rarely wear, preferring my hard soled slippers. I keep thinking messenger bag. Maybe I’ll go with that.

As you can see, I am really really torn about what will be next on the needles. Maybe I need to knit some baby hats while inspiration strikes? Or penguin sweaters?

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