Friday, June 06, 2008


When I last wrote I had nothing on the needles. I know nothing! Although I posted that and immediately cast on for the second yoga sock. And then cast on to swatch for a shrug. And then last night I cast on Monkey socks for my mom.
I haven’t put anything into ravelry yet though.

I’ve been thinking that this really has been a year for knitting things for other people. Aside from the yoga socks and a sweater, everything I’ve knit since DECEMBER has been for someone else. And I have only one item on the to do list left… the Monkey socks. I’m not sure if they count as a project to have that you can whip out anywhere just yet, we’ll see when I get to the actual lace pattern. But I did learn on something when I went to cast on for them… I need some new double points. My size 2 DPNs are 7 inches, which makes for awkward sock knitting. I have one set of 1.5s that are too dull for lacey sock knitting, they drive me batty on regular knitting (they are Brittanys I believe). And one set of 1s that are 6 inches long. I need some short dpns. I have some size zeros I have never opened. Clover brand seems to be working the best for me… although if someone gifts me with some rosewood needles, I wouldn’t urn those down.

The shrug is for me though and it uses some of my mother’s day yarn. I’ve given up on the thought of using both of them in one project, and I broke down and bought a few extra skeins. I’m going to use the purple for a lacey scarf thing later. And I’m going to use the green to do the lace edging on the lacey shrug from Knit 2 together. I’m using some cream colored yarn from my stash for the main body of the shrug. I’ll have to put in an link for the book and get the real name for the pattern later.

Casting on

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Cinnamonamon said...

Oooh, startitis? Just a week or two ago I realized I was finishing up too many things and cast on for 3 projects in one day.

I'm about burned out on knitting for other people, though. After Christmas I made a strict rule for myself about doing too much gift knitting...