Thursday, July 24, 2008

finished objects

Finally I have some finished objects to write about!
Last weekend, I decided that since we were going to go visit my mom for the weekend, it might be nice if I kicked it up a gear with the monkey socks, which were for her. So I set aside the lace for the lacey-hug me tight and cranked out the socks.
monkey socks
It is really hard to take a picture of your own socks. Especially if you don't want to get out the tripod.
One complaint I've heard about this design is that the multicolored yarn hides it. And based on the pictures, I'd agree. But in person they look rather textured. I like them but I'm so sick of the pattern that I don't see myself making another pair anytime soon. The yarn is regia bamboo colors, which my mom bought to make herself some socks. She got tired of trying to learn socks and gave me the yarn--so she's getting the socks after all.
Of course now we aren't going this weekend, because my step-father is ill, but the socks are done!

The other day I was complaining to my husband that I've never knit for him. He doesn't think he'd like handknit socks--poor man, he doesn't like sweaters, although he will wear cardigans sometimes, but he has three and that's enough thanks. He has a hat and doesn't wear scarves. he prefers his leather gloves. Then he said--What about my ipod sock? A month ago he got an ipod for a birthday present (from everyone ever) and has been asking for some sort of container since. Well I got out my leftover Felici and in one day knit him this puppy. I don't think I've ever knit anything in one day before.
ipod case

So now, I guess I'd better get working on that lace. But I'm still having the issue of having to have a tv show that isn't action-packed, or that takes any thinking in order to finish it. And I've got a fresh disk of the 4400.

I see more socks in my future.

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Cinnamonamon said...

Ha -- another knitter who's dh doesn't like sweaters! Sister! lol My dh has asked for a freaky looking monster ski-mask for winter snow shoveling... lol

Why don't you grab a good mood movie that you've seen before for some lace knitting...perhaps Chocolate or Under the Tuscan Sun?