Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I've been a bad blogger lately. I wish I could say, I have not been writing because I've been super busy knitting. This is not the case.

Yes, I did cast on the second Monkey sock. But then I spent about 4 hours untangling the horrid mess that came out of the yarn ball. And even then I ended up slicing a piece of it--in error of course I thought it was a fuzz tangle and it was indeed a knot. I've been trying to knit it in the 45 minute swimming lessons. I think today I got three rounds in the lace pattern in. At this rate it will take me... um a lot more swimming lessons.

I also started work on a shrug. I even took a picture of that project with the intention of writing about it. It is Lacey Hug me tight from Knit 2 together. The plan was to knit the body in a cream yarn that I had in stash (and I do believe I still have enough for the sweater I originally bought it for) and then knit the lace edging in the green yarn I got for mother's day. Well, I needed to swatch both the lace pattern and the body. The body so that I could get a good fit, the lace, so I could figure out what size needles made the lace look the best. The body part went fine, I swatched on both size 6 and size 7 needles. Got gauge on the 6 and felt good about the fabric. Then I started the lace. Whoo boy, I could not follow the pattern for anything. Plus nothing looked right. Of course, when you can't even finish one repeat of the lace, it is hard to tell how it's looking. Finally I settled on size 10.5 needles. I also decided it might be easier if I charted the pattern. And lo and behold, for some reason I can follow the chart I made but could not follow: k5, yo, k2tog, k3, skp. I didn't even chart properly--since I made every row go right to left instead of having he Rs rows go left to right. But still I can read it and it is working for me.
So after I took the picture, I didn't write about it and then, I finished the body part. And sewed it together. I was quite skeptical of how something that was rectangular could become shrug-like and fit. And yet it does. So now I should take a picture of the shrug sans lace. I also have about 2 feet of lace done (the pattern says make 5 feet of lace) and I'm not sure how this floppy bamboo silk yarn is going to look as lace edging to what seems a sturdy shrug. But because I also couldn't see how a rectangle could end up as a sweater-like object, I've decided to preserver. Although initially, I thought a smaller lace around the edge would look better and perhaps I'd do the patterned lace just for the arms. but if I change my mind, the lace will make a decent scarf.

So that's where I am. And given that it took me three blocks of writing time (10 minutes each) to bang this out, I should post and go to bed.

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Cinnamonamon said...

Ooh, I'm so jealous -- I have that book out from the library & I was just drooling over that very pattern! You simply MUST bring it to playgroup next time you make it!!! lol

Oh, and we're meeting at Thrune tomorrow -- call/email me for details. :)