Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I can't believe it has been over a week since I last posted. You'd think that would mean that I'd have a ton of finished projects to show off. But really, I'm plodding along, working my way through the longest part of the pig pattern, slowly looking for my purple yarn so I can finish the panda's ears (I thought I ran out of black, approved the color sub with my daughter, found more black while searching--fruitlessly--for purple). Even the yoga sock, while progressing, is not quite done.

What I have been doing is dreaming. Dreaming of future projects.
I decided that even though I surged all those fabrics (and still fretting), that i didn't have a clue about what to do with them yet, but I did have a bunch of old jeans and a jeans quilt would make a nice picnic blanket this summer. And heck, I have enough to make a few of them! So I washed a bunch and cut off the tops (hopefully one or more can be made into a purse or something) and have this huge pile of jeans. I found some dark blue flannel and so now, I guess I just get cutting.
jeans and flannel

Then for mother's day, my husband took the girls to not my favorite yarn store (the one he can find though) and let them each pick me out a skein of yarn. They ended up with Ella Rae bamboo silk. In two different colors. Colors you must see to believe:
Ella rae bamboo silk
Purple and green! Or apple and plum as the labels say. Since each is 90 meters and while they go together, but need something else to offset them, I've been planning a purchase of more yarn. I have a frequent buyers card all full at said yarn store (I know! and they aren't my favorite! but it took me about two years to fill). I've spent a gob of time looking at ravelry and checking out patterns at my favorite LYS. The idea, the one I think will work anyway, is to buy two or three skeins in a cream or white (2.5 is what my full card will buy--sans tax) and make a shrug that either has stripes on the sleeves or one sleeve edged on purple the other in green. I've never made a shrug before, but it can't be hard right? I'm kind of envisioning something lacey. Suggestions are appreciated.

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Cinnamonamon said...

Hmmm...I may know the lys of which you speak... ;) Glad you had a great day!!

I've got a bin full of jeans I need to get to -- a picnic type blanket is a great idea!