Monday, May 05, 2008

You should always have a sock going

I should know this by now. It is always good to have at least one sock in progress. And not just any sock, but something simple, easy to memorize.


Well, when you have a simple sock going, you can throw it in your purse and whip it out whenever you have a few spare minutes to knit. You could carry it to a book club for example. You could (and I have always always wanted to do this) pull it out when you are in a meeting that you don't need to do much note-taking for. You could knit a sock in the car on a long car trip (when someone else is driving). I even manage to knit on small stuff that I don't need a pattern for while I watch my girls play outside.
Sweaters are hard to pull out of your purse (heck hard to get IN your purse). Scarves are similar, although I suppose they aren't as bad as sweaters. A hat might work. I suppose a mitten or a glove might work too. I suppose a dish cloth wouldn't be bad--if the needles were short enough.

Coincidentally (or not) all the small projects that fit in your purse, are also the things people swear they enjoy making in the summer, when the heat makes working on a sweater or afghan seem impossible.
So, why as the weather turns very spring-like, did I not have a sock going? especially when I have a book club meeting coming up --one in which I'd like to have a small auto-pilot project to pull out.
I'd point to the panda I'm working on, the pig I'm obligated to knit, the monkey socks for my mom that are in the queue. I'd point to how my ice queen is almost finished and how I don't like having more than two projects going at once. But the panda isn't portable--as I need to follow what is turning out to be a very detailed pattern. The ice queen isn't either--although I took it outside--primarily because of the beads. I haven't started the monkey socks, and didn't like my chances of memorizing the pattern before 7pm tonight.

So, I pulled out my single skein of Felici--which is not enough for a pair and now the color is sold out--and cast on for "yoga" socks. Basically an anklet without a heel or toe. I can't claim this as my own design, as I've seen a pattern for sale for this type of sock, but this will be my own interpretation. I'm thinking the 2x2 rib will be enough for me to work on while we talk books. If it gets the 3.5-4 inches long, well--no heel flap to work.
I may have to expand the old adage that says--sock yarn doesn't count for your stash to include, socks don't count as works in progress, because everyone should have a sock going in the summer.
yoga sock

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TLC said...

I absolutely agree! Socks are such a great take along project. I always have more one sock pattern on the needles. At least one has to be a mindless pattern that I can pull out whenever. I like the yarn you chose. Very pretty!