Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hole in my socks

I've been knitting socks for almost exactly two years. I've knit in that time, with only two brands of sock yarn (although the yoga socks are in a third brand): Lorna's laces and Tofutsies. I've knit 6 pairs (and 2 sets of baby socks). I've been wearing the first pair every week since I finished them two years ago. I knit my daughters each a pair of socks when they were 3. One daughter wore her socks every time they were clean until she finally grew so far out of them, that it was uncomfortable. All of these were Lorna's laces. None of them ever developed a hole.
I've knit two of the six pairs in tofutsies, The first pair--which I must have finished a year ago (but I don't know exactly), and worn about like the others now has a hole!
a hole!

I'm a little beside myself. My husband suggested I "fix" them. Except I have used every single yard of that yarn up, in fact had to finish the second of the second pair of socks with a different yarn! I have no idea how to darn socks.

I could just cry.
ETA: I checked my Ravelry page and I entered them there as having finished them in July of 07. Should Handknit socks last more than a year?

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Cinnamonamon said...

Ha! My first pair only lasted months... I started darning them but haven't finished new plan is to knit a little square "patch" and sew it over the hole.

And I'm not a huge tofutsies lover...although I really like the pair my friend is knitting on 0's...