Friday, February 20, 2009

the state of the projects

You would think that when I take these big gaps in blogging that I'd have finished object after finished object to show you. I'm working on three concurrent projects right now, so none of them are really progressing that fast.

My children seem to think that all my knitting efforts should be for them. So, after much nagging I gave in. I'm making baby sweaters for Bone and Stillwater. Here's bone modeling hers:
Stillwater's isn't done yet. I'm almost done with Stillwater's but then I got it in my head that I'd like to have my sock finished for my birthday (in 8 days) and so I've been sock knitting at night.

I have a lace project I'm working on too, but I feel like that needs its own post.

On another note, I think I have an idea for my cousin's quilt. I broke down and bought the scrappy quilt book. (then got all excited about a project for me--later). My MIL likes the kaleidoscope quilt pattern, which is the one I'm planning, and so she bought the fancy triangle ruler to use for cutting. THEN, I went through my stash and came up with a huge pile of blues, and some yellow to set it off:
I need to see if I have some more yellow, that I just didn't pull. I think the only material I'll have to buy is a bit more yellow for some of the boarder triangles, and if I don't have any extra, maybe some for the main quilt too. I asked MIL, which ones should I use. All of them was her answer. Ok then. I'm hoping to start cutting in a week or so, after life settles down (I'm planning a party for my girls--who share a birthday with me--and birthday treats for school and about 50 other things this week).

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finngarianknits said...

I love the quilt fabric colors... can't wait to see it as you get it put together!