Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Work is ongoing on my Hey teach. Both sleeves are done but need to be blocked, and I have the shoulders seamed. Am picking up stitches for the neck and will start the button band probably later today. It occurs to me that I have no buttons for this project. Suppose I should get working on that--assuming that it will button when it is done.

The weather has gotten warmer here--finally and so I have started to think more and more about the next big project--sock dying. For Christmas, I was given a knit picks sock blank. The idea is that you can dye it into a pattern and then knit from the blank. The socks then will have the striping pattern you dyed. I asked for it because I decided that what I really really want is rainbow socks. And to that end, I did a bit of sketching:

sock blank

To try to decide if it should go ROYGBIVVIBGYOR or ROYGBIVROYGBIV. I think I like the latter the best. I have all the materials--now I just need to actually do it. Especially since it is warm and I could do the dying outside if I needed to.
Which do you like the one on the left or the one on the right?


Trisha said...

How fun that you are going to dye your own sock blank! I like your #2 color choice.

Rhonda said...

I like the one with red at the beginning & the end.

How fun! Let us know what you decide

Cinnamonamon said...

Hmmmm....hard to of each! do one toe up, one top down, then an afterthought heel to keep them the same.

...please don't smack me! lol