Thursday, May 07, 2009

Stuff I'm working on

So, I am still working on my version of Hey teach--I have the back and the left front done. I've moved pretty steadily through my usual worries about any sweater project i've ever had 1) is this a good color? 2) OMG I'm not going to have enough yarn! and finally 3) This isn't going to fit! I go through this with every single sweater I've ever knitted. I think I have enough yarn on this one--finally being convinced of this after getting within an inch of the top of the left front. I keep reminding myself that this sweater looks best with low amounts of ease, and surge forward.

I'm also still working on a quilt, although BLECH, it isn't coming out as I envisioned it. My mother-in-law has promised to help this weekend, which I think is gracious of her. She is under the impression that if I don't follow the instructions in the book that it will come out better--see where I get this urge to not follow the rules? Although she's probably right and in six months I'll stumble on errata that says so.

I also bought my mom some sock yarn for mother's day--sock yarn that I might add, I kind of want. but I have enough sock yarn, which leads me to:

Which I just started out of the need to have a sock going at all times. I don't have a special plan for it--so maybe 2X2 ribbing at the top? I love the yarn, which is knit picks Felici that I got for Christmas. And after these are done, I'm planning a foray into dyeing my own sock yarn--I have a knit picks sock blank, a skein of bare sock yarn and eight colors of frosting tint. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I have a skein of Bare too, but I haven't dyed it yet. We could have a dye party! :D

Trisha said...

I am enjoying hearing about Hey Teach and seeing its progress. I have yet to cast mine on but I do have the yarn for it. I am nervous about it as I have only knit a few sweaters that are top down.

Love that Felici sock yarn! That makes me want to get one of my Felici colorways out and cast on a new pair of socks. Oh, the temptation!

Cinnamonamon said...

Now, THAT is an inspiring title! *wink wink* lol Seriously though, the sock looks fun! It's hard to go wrong with simple ribbing, although my inclinations run toward 7x1 in socks...

As for the socks you are going to gift...just try to think of all the enjoyment you'll get out of seeing her use it...or if it's truly too much for you...maybe you should knit her socks with it so you can enjoy it, too! lol