Wednesday, October 12, 2011

picture-less update

Sometimes it is terribly hard to keep this blog updated. Not because I'm not knitting. or sewing. I am, I really am. But rather because I don't have any pictures of what I am working on. And so a month later I still have no pictures, but thought I'd update on my progress. knitting: I cast on for Estelle, which if you don't care to follow the link is a cardigan knit from the top down int eh round with some waist ribbing and feather and fan borders. I'm using the recommended yarn (Lark from Quince and Co) in a purple. I LOVE it. Lark is squishy and it felts well (so be careful). I'm on the first sleeve, which I had started to knit in the wrong sized needle, so had to rip out about 5 inches and start again. I'd have a picture of it except that I have not figured out how to photograph purples in a way that they look true to color. Halloween costumes: This year my daughters have decided after carefully looking at every single pattern book at Joann Fabrics to be: a rock star and an evil ballerina. The evil ballerina was inspired by the section in the pattern books where they mix the adult "hootchie" costumes with the kid costumes. My daughter saw a picture of the Black swan and immediately decided that was the creepiest costume in ANY book and demanded to be that. Basically I'm making a black ballerina costume. Yesterday I finished the tu tu. Which was the last piece for that costume. Imagine 15 yards of tulle cut into strips and tied. The rock star shirt is finished and I hope never ever ever to have to sew with confetti glitter fabric EVER again. It doesn't iron (it melts the glue that holds the confetti on), and it gets your sewing machine needle all globed up. Thankfully the rock star pants are shiny pink fabric, and relatively easy. How great is it that I'll most likely be all done with costumes nearly 2 weeks before the big day! Also no pictures because I think costumes look better ON kids ON halloween. So pictures later. Other than that, I'm just enjoying the nice weather here in Michigan, knowing that when my Estelle Sweater is done, it will be cold enough to wear it!

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Daisy said...

I think evil ballerina sounds pretty awesome :)