Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gray sweater

The girls are at daycamp this week and I've never felt so productive or so worn out as I have this week. Today for example, I pitted 4 quarts of sour cherries and made jam (1 batch) and froze the rest. Sour cherries make excellent cherry crisp, and there is nothing better in my mind than having warm cherry crisp in the middle of a cold winter.

There must be something in the preparations for a cold winter, because today is the second installment of "kid sweaters I've finished when it got really hot."

This one is again made from Knit Picks Brava Worsted and again on US size 6 and 7 needles. The pattern is central park hoodie. This is the third I have made. Because sizing runs small (you didn't want to button it did you?) I made her a small women's.


I love how it turned out.

I only missed one cable, but it is hidden by the hood.

She does love it. When they get cold in the mornings (because after a week of upper 90s, 72 feels chilly) they both run for their sweaters. I also have tons of pictures of her posing it it, mostly in her nightgown, so I'll spare you all that.

And because we love a good button photo:



Daisy said...

Both sweaters look fantastic!

I've been wanting to make myself a Central Park hoodie for ages and I keep dithering about the size. I've heard it runs small, and so I cast on for the 48" size even though I measure 44.5", and then I froze up and didn't go any further. I think I need to convince myself that it's only yarn.

Jodie said...

I would think that would be enough. I think the one I made that fits the best, I made a size up from what I would normally have made.