Thursday, January 03, 2013

christmas knitting

I've been sitting on this for a while. Back in the summer, June or July maybe, I started a scarf for my mother in law. She likes red, and hates scratchy things. So a while ago, (April maybe) I picked up this misti alpaca pima cotton/silk, in red. (yes, she is a good mother in law!). Anyway, I made this from a one skein wonders book:
Beth Scarf

I had forgotten the pattern name, thankfully I recorded it in ravelry! It is called: Ruffled Merino-Seacell Bias Scarf, and is from 101 Luxury one skein wonders. It is super soft and nice (I left off the ruffles), and I think she likes it. here is the pattern closeup:
scarf closeup

The other project I finished, wasn't a gift, but more a finally finished. I started these socks for my daughter a long time ago, but kept putting them aside to work on more urgent things. Finally Christmas Eve, I finished them.
Libby socks
Given that I've washed them twice (and I think they are dirty again), I think she likes them.

I started a pair of socks for me (in purple) and her comment was--oh socks for you?! The implication being that I should knit more purple socks for her!

More on my socks after everyone goes back to school.


Brittany said...

Love the red scarf, Jodi! Even the photo would look great on a wall!

KarenD said...

The scarf is great, and I'd wear the heck out of those socks. :) I think I need to pick up that book with the scarf pattern.