Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Work proceeds on the rick socks, I've managed to complete the right sock and have started on the left.

You might have heard though that last week the midwest got bitterly cold. I mean bitterly. Here in Michigan was no exception. We had several days in a row where we deemed it too cold to walk the one block to school (seriously). And in the midst of this we discovered the girls did not have scarves.

I KNOW!! I couldn't believe it either. And then some well meaning family member suggested I buy them scarves. I swooned.

Actually I picked up my big needles (size 11--was the biggest circs I had) and some stash yarn and created not a scarf but a cowl:


Which worked well for one girl--who loves purple more than anything, but the other one has been balking at pink and girly things lately. So a trip to Michael's and an good afternoon of knitting later and she too had a cowl:


Several teachers oohed and ahhed over them and I realized that hey, these would have made easy teacher gifts. Nothing like realizing that a month after the fact.

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