Wednesday, February 13, 2013


When you don't have a finished object to show off, it can be hard to think of what to knit blog about. Because seriously how many times can one write "still knitting on those socks!" "Got another row done last night!" or "whew turned a heel!"without people abandoning you.

But I am still knitting. It isn't a very portable project so I am going very very slow. Ok and it is lace so there is another reason for slow. And yesterday I ran into a problem where I seem to have an extra stitch. But mostly this has been a problem:

Yes, one of my dpns is cracked! And I sat on the spare that came with this set and broke it so, this is it. And every time I come to it the row takes a major long time because it snags a LOT.

Regardless, I'm turning the heel today--I've saved the only portable part for an outing in which I have to do basically nothing for a half hour.

Old photo:


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