Tuesday, March 05, 2013


I must confess that since finishing my rick socks, I've been at a loss as to what to knit next. Me, the person who has always had a project going, has sat for the last 3 days with nothing to knit. Oh I've swatched and darned a sock, but really for three days nothing. It is something I'll write about later.

For now here are the details on the rick socks: Pattern: Rick found in Sock Innovation by cookie A.

Yarn: Cascade heritage in a purple that seems to be discontinued. Used most of one skein

needles: 1.5 us My knit picks harmony dpns, now retired due to a chip: chip

They took two months but I love them!

purple rick

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Daisy said...

Those socks are fantastic!

I'm sort of at loose ends project-wise, too. I've been spinning and sewing, but I don't really have any knitting going on ever since I finished some dishcloths last week. I have an inch of lace scarf, but I think that pattern just isn't going to work out, and I can't seem to decide what I want to do.