Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm still sort of stuck in my "What do I knit?" rut. I say sort of because, I sort of decided what to knit, but am still swatching, thinking, and doing the algebra necessary to perhaps pull it off.

I picked some grey Sidar DK country style yarn from my stash that I had gotten a long long time ago to make a different sweater. and decided that a top down sweater from Ann Budd's newest book Knitter's Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters. If you don't know about Ann's handy book of patterns collections, you really should. They are wonderful books full of all the math and directions you'd need to make sweaters, socks, hats, or mittens from virtually any yarn. They also make great templates for your own designs. You knit a gauge swatch decide a size and she lays out all the numbers you need.

This book also has a number of "copycat" patterns, some by other designers. One of these copycat patterns India Print Henley, really speaks to me. But in the vein of this book, I want to change a few things. For one, I only want the lace pattern at the top. And for another, I'm not getting gauge the pattern is calling for, hence the math. I think I have it figured up so if my gauge stays the same after washing I can make the smallest size and have it come out to my size (which is not the smallest).

At the same time, the book Knits that Fit that I requested from the library came in. I'm reading the fit part, and planning to make something from that book.

But the most exciting thing is that Saturday, I took a hand spinning class. I learned how to spin on a drop spindle. While I am hilariously bad at it, I do enjoy it. I know--practice, practice, practice will help me get better. So far, I've made a tiny bit of yarn, too little yardage to actually knit, but I still have more roving from the class, so hopefully I'll have enough to... well I don't rightly know what. drop spindle


Daisy said...

That is way better-looking than my first yarn was!

Daisy said...

For entertainment purposes, I dug up the photo of my first plied skein (it wasn't actually my first yarn, just the first yarn that wasn't such a disaster that I didn't bother to ply it). I was having some issues with controlling the thickness :)