Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So, a while back I was really in a funk. I didn't know what to knit, was having trouble picking a project, and basically feeling bleh about everything. The grey sweater was supposed to pull me out of it, and maybe it did. It at least got me to the socks which continue to just fly off the needles.

However, I have been having the strangest thoughts lately.
I want to knit something lacy.
Something complicated.
Something shawl-like.
I have yarn, because I happen to like to collect lace weight yarn. Laceweight and sock yarn compose a big chunk of my stash

But I am stuck.

Do I knit a triangular shawl or round?
Something fussy or with an easy repeat?

And is a complicated lace shawl something I'll wear?*

Do I really want to haul around a chart all summer?

Will I really have the concentration for that with the kids around?

For now, I'm scrolling through Ravelry, and looking through books ( I have several lace books) which may be the fun part of this anyway.

* I mentioned that I wanted to make a lace shawl on FB and instructed everyone to please stop me. One friend of mine wondered if I was worried about looking too granny like. But I think I might be going for ethereal.

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