Monday, May 13, 2013


I think that officially I have given up on my gray India print henley.

I had taken it along on our spring break trip back early April and ripped it our because of the stitch count. I started over on April 5th and got the counts right and then joined for the round and.... yes, twisted my stitches. Since I needed to take it off the needles anyway, I tried it on and it was too small.

I haven't unknit it yet, it is still sitting across the room where I threw it.

I think though, that I am done trying to make that pattern fit that yarn. I love the pattern, and someday I will find a yarn worthy. For now, the grey yarn still longs to be a sweater, and perhaps one day it will. For the time being, I have decided to knit some socks.

For my birthday I treated myself to some knitters dream carbonz. I initially got the 1.5 size to replace my harmony needles that broke, but when I was playing with them and this lorna's laces yarn I had I wasn't happy with the fabric. My LYS has trouble keeping the carbonz in stock, but on my spring break trip we visited my mom's LYS. And I still had birthday money left (although not enough--that store was GORGEOUS!) so I bought the size 1.

I did the heel a little differently than I normally do on toe-up socks. And I had some frustration with that (I actually took this sock on a field trip and in the car on the way home, ripped out the whole heel and started over). I'm pretty happy now, although I know the second sock might be a bit different.

I don't think I've said enough about the yarn. I LOVE lorna's laces sock yarn. I believe this colorway is lakeview. socks

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