Monday, January 12, 2015


Last week despite the fact that I decided I detest doing a sewn bind off (but love the stretchy-ness of Jenny's Surprisingly stretchy bind off) I managed to finish the shorty socks. Again like her sister, she chose to have "fraternal twin" socks.
Those are all my feet because I could not get her to try them on.  But they fit me, they will probably fit her. Hopefully their feet will stop growing soon and I can make them a whole week's worth of socks!
The yarn here is Regia Fluormania in the neon ocean colorway.  I used size 1.5 and just a basic toe up pattern.  
Of course guess what is on tap for this week?  More sewn bind off!  I decided to widen the cowl I finished in December and give it a sewn bind off to make it stretchier.  I'm almost done with the widening part.  I'm really dreading the bindoff.  
After that, well I'm kinda stuck.  I'm not sure what project to do next. It isn't that I don't have yarn.  Oh my I have yarn for two sweaters that I wanted to do.  That infamous Dollar and a half cardigan AND Indigo Cones.  Do you know what those two have in common?  I had trouble making my gauge swatches. In the dollar and a half, I had trouble FOLLOWING the stitch pattern.  That never ever happens to me. I think I even tried charting it to help. Hmmm maybe time to look at it again.  The Indigo cones one?  Gauge. I have the yarn it calls for (which hello both are linen!) and I can't get even close.  Well I did get close on the lace pattern, but on the broken rib, not even close. Hmmm maybe I should try THAT again.  Both would certainly make nice spring sweaters (roughly the timeline it would take me I think).  I also have this pair of socks I want to try.
Here's the thing, if I do the socks, I'll do them in my Mode sock and I'll probably have to do a swatch AND I'll have to decide  which size to make.  My foot is 8 inches around. the pattern is 7.5 and 8.5.  I mean you know if my gauge is off I could probably math it a bit. but I would HATE HATE HATE to make such pretty socks in such squishy yarn that are too big. (I HATE too big socks).
All of these are complex patterns that I'd have to focus on, and the reality of my life is that my knitting time is almost all in front of the tv. And done as a relaxation thing at night when I feel like I am just DONE.  So about the last thing I want is to have a scream in frustration about patterns I can't follow or gauge being off. I guess the other alternative is to have two projects going--a daytime project that I might be able to sneak in a few minutes on here and there and a night project that is zone out knitting.
So many decisions!

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