Monday, January 05, 2015

Post holidays

 This is the entry where I probably ought to list some resolutions, but.  Well, I'm sure some people say--I don't make resolutions, I just change when I want to.  What I say is this, I do make resolutions, but I usually don't really have them gel in my head until the middle of January.  The new year is often an introspective time, which is I guess why people resolve things, but I usually need to get back into my routine to fully develop my thoughts.  So far nothing is leaping out at me expect for trying to make some running goals happen.
But on to the good stuff, the holiday wrap up!.
This is where I would generally put any gift knitting I had done. The fact is though, that I did no gift knitting. None. I did knit on holiday though, and have nearly finished a pair of socks for my panda girl.
Before we left for our post Christmas trip I had the first sock done.  Mostly because she wanted "short socks". Alrighty then.  Now I am ready to bind off the second sock (sorry the picture is from Saturday when I thought I might be writing this post.) I don't think I've even had time to get these on my ravelry page.  
And of course there was yarn as gifts for me!
My mother in law got me six skeins of a yarn she saw in a yarn shop that she liked. If it did not have mohair in it, I'd probably make her a scarf out of it.  I know the mohair would bother her though.  She also got my girls several pairs of socks (these bamboo socks they like, and some smart wool for puppy girl who loves it) and each of them a skein of sock yarn. And then my mom took me shopping at knit stop, which is really a nice shop even if it is pricey! I snagged this mini skein set, a swift and a pattern.
This is sock/fingering weight and is all wool.  I was initially thinking socks, then bemoaned the lack of nylon, then thought gloves, then thought oh heck, I'll just look at it and pet it every day or something.  
I'm really excited about the swift.  I have had a ball winder for ages, and usually when a yarn is in a skein, I roll it into a ball then wind it on the ball winder (so I get a pretty cake), but often that's a huge exercise in frustration. I can't wait to set up my swift and try it out.  I haven't yet because winding yarn while everyone is home is like inviting disaster. Also inviting people to exclaim that they really need a new scarf or cowl or something. Also, I'd have to go through the stash and find something that needs winding. So maybe it will wait until I finish the socks AND fix the cowl.
After discussing the matter with several knitting friends, I've decided to add a few more rows and do a sewn bindoff to make that end more stretchy.  My friend who just happens to work at my local LYS (and has a blog she never updates...... HINT) suggested that, and I never would have considered it, but I think she's right and it will add to my liking for the project.  After that... I have no idea.  More socks maybe?  Another scarf? A sweater?  I'm cold so who even knows what sort of project will present itself.

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