Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Indigo cones is a vest!

When I last left you the Indigo cones needed sides. And now--it has them! Witness:


I was kind of dreading the sides, because the directions looked a little complicated. I mean how was this going to work? Then I got most of the right side done (really fast because there aren't a lot of stitches compared to when you do the whole thing at once) but I wasn't sure if I had marked the pattern when I finished a chart repeat or not. It took me a whole day to decide that I had indeed marked it and had only done 2 chart repeats and needed a third. Then the decreases looked tricky--they weren't and suddenly the right side was done! The left side went much quicker. Now it only needs sleeves! Although I have a favorite sock that needs some darning and I need to figure out if I have the right DPNS or a smaller circular to do the sleeves on. Which requires me finding either my needle gauge or my notes to determine what size needles I'm using again. (THIS is why I need to document). At any rate, I have a month before the graduation I want to wear it to (REALLY??? I can't believe my baby nephew is GRADUATING from high school!!!).

Also, I slipped it on and in it's pre-blocked stage it fits. No pictures of that though because as I write this, I'm still in my jammies. I blame the snow (just very thick flurries).

Of course it wasn't in time for the "spring" banquet but I managed in my store bought shrug, Christmas dress, brand new shoes, and vintage purse. Behold:

And yes, I am wearing hose. a) If Princess Kate can so can I and b) it is COLD in Michigan.

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