Tuesday, April 07, 2015

spring break

One might start to wonder lots of things when a knitting blogger takes an unexpected hiatus. Specifically one might start to wonder what said knitter has been up to and if the time away from writing about projects has increased time spent actually working on projects, or if the knitter just spent hours and hours playing 2048. Well dear reader, wonder no longer.

Really the hiatus had to do more with Spring break than anything else. Children (even tween children) underfoot all day does sort of put a damper on knitting, playing ridiculously addictive games and basically anything else that is not directly related to surviving the day. Children it seems demand meals at regular intervals, and the meals must be not the same meal as the day before. In other words, tacos for dinner means no one wants tacos for lunch the next day. SIGH I say!

We also did not travel, meaning that there was no car knitting to books things forward. Instead we stayed home, and over break we volunteered 8 hours at our local butterfly garden. We also slept late, and visited with local friends. And I actually did spend some time playing 2048 and actually WON by getting the 2048 tile. The game suggested a new goal, but honestly, my desire to play has been easily cut by three quarters.

But I did also knit, just not as much as one would expect.

Indigo cones is moving along nicely. I have finished the back, and am about to start the right side. It is clear though that I will not finish it in time for the dinner, and it will most likely be too cold anyway. Now I am aiming for may when I have not one but 2 semi-formal events where such a garment will work well.


Besides doesn't it look more like a May outfit? Ok, maybe where you are it looks like an April thing, but 2 days ago there was snow on the ground here. And for Friday's dinner--it might be in the upper 40s. So May it is!

I also did manage to get the sock going and knit halfway up the foot. Although I don't have a picture. Trust me, more knitting in public. Also it helped with the very palatable tension one picks up on when one watches a middle school talent competition.

But of course it hasn't been all knitting. I made a batch of mango jam, watched the power company take out 4 trees in my yard, and hung out with the children. One of our days, we treated ourselves to TV dinners (we were at the store for something else--and BONUS tv dinners=easy lunch). My choice was something different than I usually get. I was so disappointed with the difference between the box picture and the actual, I took a picture.

Moral of this story--a good food stylist will get you at least one sale. good food might get you repeat business.

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