Tuesday, August 05, 2008

plugging away

So, I'm plugging away on the lace and I have the long piece --the part that goes around the outside, done and blocking--and well it should be dry by now. I have one arm piece done, I'm doubting it is actually long enough, but I'm calling it done--I'll block it tonight or tomorrow. I cast on for the second of the two and have about 2 inches knit on this.

I've done lace before and I've never had anything quite like this. The pattern isn't symmetrical since it is worked side to side. There isn't any pattern repeats and the number of stitches changes every right side row. It is only 12 rows but it makes such little sense to me, I can't memorize it. Ironically, I'd like to start another lace project soon, I guess I just need to make it my quiet time project.

On the sock front, everyone told me that the best part about toe up socks was being able to try them on as you went. I was not however able to do that because for some reason my foot didn't fit in. This really upset me because I was worried that it might not fit me. In the end, I decided to be zen about it and decided that if it didn't fit me, it would fit someone, and I'd give them away.
Then it hit me, it wouldn't fit not because of the sock, but because of the needles! So if I try it on while I'm halfway through what the instructions say are needle two, it will fit on my foot.
toe up sock

Today I actually marked where two inches from where my heel is--on my heel, so I could try it on and get it right. Sadly this heel turn will be a new technique also so probably no tv watching while I do that either.

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Cinnamonamon said...

lol, I remember the sock needle epiphany!