Sunday, August 10, 2008


For the next week, I'll be traveling to visit my mom. Usually, i like these visits if for no other reason than 13 hours in the car is some serious knitting time. This time, however, I'll be doign all the driving, as the man will be staying home--so no serious 13 hour knitting stretch, because I haven't figured out how to drive and knit at the same time.

Before I go, I'm going to really push to finish that lace on the lacey hug me tight. I'll do it too as I really only need to knock out maybe a dozen rows. I'll block it so that when I get back I'll have some sewing to do. I think I'd probably find the Olympics to be good Lace knitting TV, if I were watching them. I'm not though because (ho hum) I really don't find them that exciting.

Speaking of Olympics, I've decided not to do the Ravelympics. I was debating it right up to the end, but in the end decided to sit this one out. I'd like to say that I was taking a high road on the human rights record of China or some other geopolitical reason (free Tibet). But the reality is that as much as I like having a knitting blog that uses the word geopolitical, I really didn't have a project that I thought would work well for it. Especially given that I'll be driving for 3 days of the time.

This doesn't mean that there won't be knitting! I've decided I really for reasons I can not even explain, enjoy making these toe up socks.
sock update
I initially had planned to make them as long as the yarn would allow. After several days of deliberation (every night I asked my husband, how long should I make those socks), I decided I don't really want these socks to be that long. In reality, I like most of my socks to be as long as these socks are now. I think I'll make them a bit longer and then start the next sock. Also, Im bringing another skein of sock yarn as a back up project (on the off chance I finish both socks).
lorna's laces
I haven't decided if that sock will be for me or for my purple loving daughter, and really I have enough of that color to make both a pair for me, a pair for her and perhaps a bunch of leftover. The only problem with making my daughter a pair of purple socks, is that it means I'll have to get some yarn that will satisfy her sister. I know I have a lot of sock yarn and none of it is pink.

Perhaps when I get back, I'll be in the mood to knit something else.

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Knitterella said...

Your socks look great! (I'd like to learn how to make toe-up socks, are they hard to get?)

Have a safe and fun trip!