Tuesday, August 19, 2008

socks and lace oh my

You know-It seems like I should have updated more recently, especially when I finished a sock and one of my daughters said--you should take a picture of that and put it on your blog!
So of course I oblige:
toe up

That's the first toe up sock. I used a bind off described in Knitting Daily but I don't think I like it. On sock #2 I'll do a sewn bind off and if I like that, I'll ripout the bind off on sock #1 and sew it in. I'm liking the toe up method--in fact I have 2 more pairs planned (and neither is for me. So much for my everything I'm knitting from here on out is for me).

But wait! I was asked if I indeed had ever finished the lacey hug me tight. The answer is... sort of. I had finished all the lace before I left for Illinois. But I didn't block it. so I blocked it when I came home and went to sew it on last night and discovered... wait for it... that the lace around the armholes wasn't long enough. I'm knitting longer on one piece, and I'm... I'm not sure on the other piece, it is only short by maybe an inch. I also might be too long on the lace around the whole shrug, but I have an answer for that too--I'll just start at the cast on end and unravel what I don't need and re-bind it off. Clever. eh? Now If I could only tell which side was the bound off side.... I think this has made me even more determined to finish it.

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