Monday, January 12, 2009


Well I went and did it, I found myself a plan for this next baby quilt. I love this plan. I am totally into this plan. Sadly this plan involves at least a 1/2 yard of this fabric.
fabric butterfly
I have a fat quarter, for those of you not in quilter jargon, this means I have half of a half yard. It is a Laurel Burch, from her "flying colors collection" and it is discontinued. I was thinking that if I found any of the colorways, I'd replace the turquoise.
I have been to the local quilt store. I've called the big one in the next town over. I even called one "up north." I think the store I used to go to in Port Huron might be a good lead since I've seen very discontinued fabrics there but I didn't want to call them, that seems desperate. Not that calling my mother in law who is visiting Shipshewana and demanding she scour Yoder's department store and Lolly's isn't desperate. Or hitting ebay and discovering that I can get a yard (although not turquioise) for a minimum bid of 10.95 plus shipping. If I win that is.

I think I just need a new plan. I think it might be time to let go of this idea. Which is really too bad, I did so like those butterflies.


Katie said...

That's too beautiful not to offer. If you're so inclined, call High Fashion in Houston - they're HUGE. 713.528.7299

If they have it, email me at yarngirl (at) yarnlove (dot) com and I'll pick it up and we'll arrange shipping. (For cost ... so you don't have to pay someone some crazy sum of money.)

Lest you think I'm NUTS - I've experienced a LOT of negativity lately, and I'm trying to counter balance that with positive actions on my own part. :-) Good luck!

KarenD said...

You might try putting a request in a haven't been frequenting there like I used to but back in the day I did several trades with people looking for stuff I had in my stash.