Wednesday, January 21, 2009

rule of thirds

I finished my sweater! And it is still sweater weather. That has to be a first for me. Also, I noted that according to ravelry, it only took me a month to knit this. Go me! However, I am a bad self-photographer, so my only picture so far is a bit blurry.
purple hoodie
It does fit, but it was a little snug for my taste. Also, I could have made the sleeves a tad bit longer so I guess that means no dryer for that sweater. But all in all it fits well, better than the first sweater I made from that yarn.
Specs? Well I used Berrocco Touche in Easter egg--roughly 11 skeins--maybe 12, US size 6 needle and the pattern is from Knitting pure and simple, the neck down hooded tunic.

I got a bad case of starter-itis after finishing that and began these:
From left to right--swallowtail shawl, drop stitch scarf, and a sock.
If you like your yarn more artsy--I also took this picture for a photo group I belong to on flickr:
I decided that I needed to pick up my goal of doing a big lace project when the girls were in school, so I started this swallowtail shawl out of the yarn I had started and then frogged from a different lace project. It is a knitpicks bare that I dyed. So far, I got it started and then haven't had the concentration time to work on it.

The sock is for traveling, just a basic toe-up using some lana grossa melenweit. I'm excited about it because I am using my new sox stix. Also the yarn is making me unbelievably happy with the frequent color changes. Every week I get to spend at least 45 minutes on it while I wait for my daughters to do their "exercise" class. I signed them up so they could run and not worry about frostbite. So far they love it and I sit in the stands, knit and wonder if I am too old to flirt with the "coach" who runs it (he must be all of 25).

The scarf, is your basic product oriented project. I need a wider scarf for these cold winter days. Probably given that I'm working on three things, I'll have it done in time for spring. It is a briar rose Sonoma, that I made mittens out of last year. So I'll have matching stuff. Maybe I'll have enough left over for a hat too.

Of course I started those, then got all the Christmas presents from my mom and ended up with about 40 things I want to make now now now. Plus a gift certificate to Knit picks, which I have had a blast dreaming about spending. It isn't for much, but I figure I can make the Central Park hoodie OR the dollar and a half cardigan for about $25 of my own money.

I guess I'll be doing some really happy knitting.

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