Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have so many new project ideas spinning around in my head. I want to knit new cardigans for both of my girls, and was struggling to find a pattern that I liked. I had this idea in my head of top down raglan cardigans. And oh by the way they need to be kids size 10. I hit ravelry and the closest thing I cam up with is the tomboy cardigan, which I would do in long sleeves and in knit picks yarn. Except that one girl can't decide on a color. (the finalists are: dove heather, denim, orange, and a turquoise whose color name is slipping from my mind). So I can't order. Then I was noticing that knit picks is now selling silk hankies for spinning and ever since the Yarn Harlot posted about knitting knit hankies into mittens I've wanted to try it.

This is all not to say that I have not been knitting, because yes I have. I have been knitting calorimetries. It all started because I lost the one I was wearing to run with and I wanted to make a new one. So I took some leftover purple yarn from my estelle sweater and knit one. It was co-opted by my daughter enough I don't have a picture of it.
So then my other daughter was like HEY! and so I knit her one in pink:
I used Vintage by berrocco, but I'm not linking because I'm lazy. It took so little yarn too.
I like the button, which was leftover from another project:

So now I am finally knitting myself one... in black because no one likes black. I may look for a rhinestone button--mine is in Silky Wool. Actually I may have to do a different one to run in as that is sounding like I have visions of fanciness in my head. At least they are quick.

And of course I always have a sock going:

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