Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I just realized I never did any resolutions for 2012. Probably because I didn't make any. I would love to say this is because every day is a new day and a new chance to change, but really, I was pretty lazy at New year's. That said, it is true you can change any time you decide to.

If I DID make a resolution though, it would have been to update this blog more. However, I don't have much new to report. I finished my black calorimetry, sort of. I didn't weave in the ends or find a button, but it does have a dressier look than I wanted for running. So I need to go through my yarn stash and find a yarn better for a running headband. I'm sure I have something.

I'm feeling a bit more destructive rather than creative lately. I broke my serger finishing the ends of towels. I also broke my VCR --don't judge. Both are fixed now.

Also, we recently did an overhaul of the craft room. My daughters have one side of the finished basement for their art and I have the other side for my sewing. The girls had these step two desks that they had outgrown, and a banquet table that they used. They also pile all kinds of stuff all over everything, had no where to put new things and basically were frustrated every time someone expected them to "clean the art room." So we spent 2 days of a recent 4 day weekend and cleaned off both desks, throwing away old things and recycling other things. And now the desks are out of here. We then cleaned off the banquet table--a 4 foot version and folded it up to put away. After the floor was clean we bought a new 6 foot table that the girls share (they had desk chairs at the banquet table). There is so much more space on their side of the room that it makes me feel like I should clean my side. The last time I attempted that I found several UFOs that I decided to complete (and haven't).

I wish I had taken before pictures of the art room. I suppose that is something to learn if I do decide to clean up my sewing space.

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