Tuesday, April 01, 2008

baby quilt number 1--done

On the day before Easter, after learning that my former college roommate had had her April 1st baby (a bit early--but everyone is fine) I hurried up and stitched down the last of the binding:
almost done

(Someday, I'll have to explain my binding theories)

Just so I could get one quilt, one pig, and one snake into a box and mail the box before the post office closed. (I wish I had photographed the box--it was funny)
I wanted to write about the quilt, a snails trail done in leftover fabrics, on Thursday but did not want to ruin any surprises. I've now seen pictures of the baby on the quilt and so I can show it off to you:
I decided on snails trail because my former roomie studies snails--she has the big phd in biology and everything. I've made her four quilts now (a wedding and three baby) and have wanted to do Snail's trail since the first. I've always lacked the focus or whatever, to actually sit down and figure out how big to cut the triangles and such. Recently I found a pattern that had the sizes, and I had the energy to work up how it would work with the colors I wanted to use. Sadly, I used up most of my brainpower on that and so my first sewing had some major goofs:

So there was much ripping in this project! I just hadn't been paying attention, assuming I guess that there was only one way to sew these pieces together--well I'm here to tell you that if you do this--You'll get 1/4 of them correct, and you'll have to completely rip out 1/4 of them. The other half will need some things, but not all ripped.
Probably the only other thing I feel like I need to mention about this project is--In every baby quilt I make, I quilt a heart into the design. Usually I do this when I free-motion quilt the borders (although I have been known to sneak in a free-motion heart in quilts with geometric quilting too). I really liked how this one turned out. I also did a snail in one corner.
heart a snail

One baby quilt done--One to go!

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Knitterella said...

Wow! That looks great! I liked your snake and pigs too.