Monday, April 28, 2008

Plodding on

Sometimes, when it seems there is nothing new to report, it is hard to write an entry. I'm still working away on the two projects I have, feeling as if there is no end in sight.
First there is Mr Panda--Actually it will probably end up being a girl panda because all of the stuffed animals in our house are girls. The pattern is From Fiona McTague's Knitted toys. It was listed as skill level 3, which frightened me a bit, but now I think it is just because it has a bit of colorwork and has 11 pieces to sew together. The colorwork part went fine, I think I only have one hole to deal with (yay me). I have the front, back, both legs, both soles and one arm done.
panda bits
I feel like I will never get all the pieces done. But even when I do, I need to get he pig all knitted before I can sew it together and stuff--because I can't present a finished panda without having a finished pig, jealousy you know.

In kind of a race, is my ice queen. I knew when I started it, that it would be too warm to wear it by the time I finished, and sure enough temps reached the high 70s last week. They've dipped into a more normal 50s, but I'm still not counting on actually wearing it until next fall. Now, I love how this is turning out, but...
I think working with the yarn is like working with lint
I think it is taking FORever
I wish it had more beads
I think I will never be done.
I'm scared of the parts coming up which I have never done.
ice queen
It is pretty, but I have something like 20-30 more rows, then the bind off, which is a bind off I've never done before. Then I have to unravel the temporary cast on, get everything on the needles and bind off that side.
All that complaining aside--I think I want one in purple. Also raspberry and black.

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