Friday, April 25, 2008

dreaming about yarn

I feel like I'm so far behind, because between the baby quilt (although I have to say that it is a really good thing I got that baby quilt done, because my co-worker welcomed her new baby yesterday, and I probably won't see her until August.) and all the great weather we're havng in Michigan, I haven't had time to write about some fantastic things.
First, I went to the knit night at my sort of Local Yarn shop (Apple Valley Yarns in Freeland, MI--FAB shop). I wore my green hoodie (despite the 70 degree weather!) and got a ton of compliments. I also had to try really really hard not to take home enough wool bam boo to make another one. Seriously, I love yarn so much that a night at a shop like that can give me things to think about for DAYS afterwards.
I have such a yarn imagination (actually I have a pretty good imagination in general but yarn--we're talking about yarn), I spend all this time thinking and imagining what I will knit next.
I know I want to make another hoodie. Then I remember I have all this cotton classic I wanted to make into a Tangerine Twist--except mine would be blue. I also want to make a pair of yoga socks (but that would be my own pattern figureing). And then I realize I have gobs of sock yarn that I really want to make into actual socks. Which of course leads to the stash and well let's just say this is how I put myself to sleep at night--dreaming of all the yarns and wonderful things to knit with them.

And then, Oh if there ever was a contest I so much want to win, it would have to be the one thrown by knitty. I love knitty, I've made several things from there (in fact am making Ice queen right now--well not this minute, because I am typing...). Well, Amy Singer announced the other day that knitty is having a contest and I about hyperventilated when I saw the prizes. Seriously, I don't think I've ever wanted to win something as badly as I want to win this. Not even the $500 shopping spree to your LYS that Knitting Daily gave away.
I know I won't win. I'm preparing myself to not win. But oh how I want to (I'm entered too). I'm even prepared to say that I'll share the goodies if I win--I'll have contests of my own. (although at this point, if I won I could probably give something away to everyone reading this now because there just aren't that many of you). I toyed with the idea of not saying anything, lest some person I influenced to sign up for knitty's newsletter should win. But I'll just have to trust that if you saw this, entered and YOU win, instead of me, that you'll be kind and share.

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