Thursday, April 03, 2008


So what does a crafty blogger blog about when there are no finished objects? Well about her Knitting style, of course.

Seriously, I thought I might take a moment and address one of the questions I always want to ask of people who knit (or sew); When do you knit?
I don't mean it in the "oh my whenever do you have the time?" Although that has been asked of me about various pursuits in my life--including my knitting. No, I wonder just sort of generally when people knit. I guess I've often wondered, because I have a friend who admitted to me once, that she did know how to knit, but only knit on long car trips. I've noticed that other people have the ability to knit off and on throughout the day. On ravelry, I hear people talking about knitting at work (on breaks I presume).

I knit primarily in front of the tv. I also knit in the car, but not exclusively. I've tried knitting throughout the day but I have a hard time putting it down to do other things. But the only time I've ever felt like I could knit at work was when I worked at a yarn shop. I really like knitting at the knitting club I go to. However, the knitting group is worse than tv for distracting me!

Sewing is different for me. I usually only make time to sew when I have something I "need" to make. What this means is that I usually only sew when I have a baby quilt to make or a halloween costume. Despite havign several quilting projects I wanted to do for myself AND some PJs that I need to make. It seems that if I don't have a deadline, I don't make the time to do it. Also, while I knit every day, I only sew on Tuesdays and a little on the weekends. In part this is because I can't sew throughout the day--gotta wrangle those kids! And also because sewing isn't as portable as knitting. Plus, I gotta say--sewing is louder.

So there you go--when I knit (and sew). What questions do you usually find yourself askign of knitters (either in your head or outright)? Ask me in a comment, and I'll answer.


Annie said...

I usually knit while watching TV in the evening when the 2 children are in bed. But I'll also knit in the car on long road trips and also while stuck in traffic. Nap time is another place I sneak in some knitting.
Love your blog title!

Miz_hatbox said...

I sometimes knit in front of TV, but I also knit in classes, at Weight Watchers meetings, while watching my daughter's swimming class, and during the Adult Education classes at our synagogue (basically Bible study).

And since you mentioned sewing, I must confess that I have not sewn a thing in months, because knitting is so much more portable. Sewing was going to become my new hobby but knitting has supplanted it in a big way.