Friday, April 11, 2008

Green Hooded Sweater

Finally knitting again.
Although to me it feels a bit funny to think about having a finished object to write about
this week because I've spent less time knitting this week than I think I have in months. I missed knit night, I went to bed early Wednesday (I have a cold) and I hardly knit at all on Tuesdays.
And yet, somehow in this I managed to finish a sweater. Of course I didn't quilt like I was supposed to on Tuesday because I was busy kitchnering the hood, but whatever.
The pattern is Neck down hooded tunic from Knitting pure and simple. I made it using Elle Aran Gold, which is an acrylic, but doesn't feel like one. I made one of my daughters a sweater from this and found it to be a bit slippery after it was woven in. So I wove in my ends really tightly.

When I swatched for this project I made sure to swatch as if I was knitting in the round--from directions I found somewhere (sorry I should have noted it down, I am so not good about this). Then I threw the swatch in with the delicate cycle. I should have measured before I threw it in, because now I'm hoping that the sweater grows a tiny bit after I wash it*. But also at the same time I am afraid to was it because my swatch unravelled in the gentle cyle! Well just a bit on the ends, but I don't want that on the real thing. And I can't recall if I have washed the other sweater I made from this yarn. So while, I need to wash this and have it expand a tiny bit (really 1/2 inch), I'm scared to wash it.

Because I'm done with this sweater, I should start on the stuffed toys I promised my daughters. I'd like to finish ice queen soon though. However, I'm finding mohair is a bit tedious to work with. Not hard, but it takes some watching so you don't accidently knit with the fuzz (not that I ever have *cough cough*) instead of the string. So perhaps the Panda--even with it's color changes--would make a good mohair distraction.

*I should say that really it fits. It fits with very little ease though and I'm not sure it will be all that comfortable over a t-shirt which is what I wanted it for. But then, to make the next size up would mean about 3 inches of ease, and I thought that might be too much. Plus, I think I was tickled to be making the size called "small." Now I'm thinking I should have made the medium anyway.

Pictures to come later.

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