Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween lessons

Top ten things learned this Halloween:

10) It is probably not a great idea to give the children carte blanche on picking costumes because there are patterns that stretch my limited sewing abilities.

9) The kids will like the crowns better than the costumes.
Glenda's crown

8) Glitter glue does not stick to smooth plastic. It will dry and then peel off like rubber cement did off my fingernails in the 3rd grade.
fell off

7)Glue from a glue gun will make the glitter glue last only a tad bit longer. (the one thing glitter glue seems to stick best to--my steering wheel)

6) If I make the costumes, I should take the girls trick or treating and if at all possible, let them go at least some without coats because the compliments will make it all worthwhile.

5) No matter how creative your daughter thinks she is there will be another child dressed just like her at school (well this was true for Glenda, there were no other purple princesses) yours will be better though (wink wink).

4)Any costume made from fake crushed velvet will automatically look better than the cheap poly/cotton blend that puckered at every stitch.

3)There will always be one costume that makes you want to tear your hair out--this will be balanced by one that goes together much easier than expected (last year this was true too!).

2) It is a costume, do not get upset if it gets oh blue cupcake frosting on it.

1) It is dark or nearly so for most of what people see. The dark hides a lot of mistakes.

But I should also say--I may complain and gripe and moan about this. I may really feel cheated out of knitting time. I may even not be saving any money whatsoever by making costumes. But it was WORTH it.
(if you want to see the version with their faces, click through to flickr and add me as a contact--I've got the other marked friends only).

One lady told the girls that she gave extra candy for extra special costumes, so now the girls are already asking for what I can make them next year. Plus, seriously at least 10 people complimented me on my mad seamstress skillz--and that never happens when I knit (although it should, I knit far better than I sew outfits).

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Cinnamonamon said...

Great list! I was nodding along with you! ;) We're already in negotiations for next year -- dh is pulling for superheros & supervillians... at least capes are easy to sew, right? lol

I almost forgot -- the girls do indeed look adorable -- and kudos to you; I HATE sewing with that shiny fabric, lol.