Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yarn stash

So the other day, when the ladies were at school, I dug out all of the yarn I have stored upstairs and laid it all out.
I organized it by color and realized that well.... I have a lot of blue and purple yarn. I should not be allowed to buy any more blue or purple yarn. I also have a lot of pinkish colors, so really I should stick to green and red. Just in time for Christmas!
I also have an embarrassing amount of novelty yarn, some of which I've hid in the basement. But in my defense, I bought it all to use as accents on hats and gloves!

I also decided that if I'm going to be knitting for Christmas gifts for the teacher and her aide, I should get my butt in gear. To that end, I've decide that I should probably make the teacher's aide a drop stitch scarf, as suggested in a comment. I've seen her coat and have a good idea what colors to choose--and whoo hoo they are in the blues family. I do think I'd like to buy new yarn for that project, because I don't seem to have anything quite bright enough.

The main kindergarten teacher is a bit more hip, and so I was thinking about something more cool for her. Then again maybe a drop stitch scarf in my noro silk garden. At least that would clear a bit of my stash out. Although I've also toyed with knitting her an ice queen or an Abby. Perhaps I'll just let that one percolate in my head a bit more.

In the meantime, I'm starting to feel better and so stay up later, and so knit! I've finished the first slipper of a pair of felted slippers. I really want to felt it to see if it will fit after it felts, but I know if it doesn't I'll never knit the second. If it doesn't fit I'll have to find someone with smaller feet than me.


Trisha said...

I really like that drop stitch scarf. Another really quick, easy, and pretty one is this one...

It is a great pattern for a bulky yarn and works up SO fast. I have made this scarf lots of times with different pretty yarns. And every time I give it as a gift the recipient oohs and aahs over it.

thisfinngarianmama said...

OH MY GOODNESS... drool drool drool... I LOVE those colors and now I need to go wipe my face. I need a darn bib! (Hey, I'll go steal one of Sophie's!)

Cinnamonamon said...

Novelty yarn?! That's it, you're kicked out! lol Seriously though, isn't stash petting fun? ;)