Saturday, November 29, 2008

scarf frenzy

I am sick again. So I haven't been up real late, but I have been doing some knitting during the day, while my children fend for themselves, which they've gotten very good at doing because I have been sick most of the month of November. I am looking forward to December so that maybe I can break out of this cycle of get sick, get slightly better, relapse.

I finished the first teacher scarf, although I have not blocked it yet. I made the Drop stitch scarf from Noro silk Garden colorway 203. I'll take a picture of it soon, I promise. Part of my problem with this scarf, was that I wasn't sure what size needled to use, or how many stitches to cast on, because the pattern is like a good pattern very fluid. So after starting and ripping back oh, say 5 times, I finally looked on ravelry, and discovered most people using silk garden had used size 8 needles and cast on what looked like the requisite 26 stitches. After trying that, I was satisfied and then took about 2 weeks to knit the entire thing. I ended up using a little over 2 skeins, and I probably could have made it longer. I was really impressed with myself because I spit-felt the ends together, making it look like one big skein of silk garden. I think I might make a tiny tippet out of the leftovers. But that will have to come after the second scarf.

The second scarf, I decided to make for the teacher's aide in colinette jitterbug. I decided to use the same pattern, although... again I tried out several needle/stitch combinations before settling on size 5 needles and 36 stitches. At one point I woke up at 3am convinced, I just needed to scrap the project altogether and use different yarn. I think it might be a slight problem that knitting wakes me up in the middle of the night and keeps me a wake worrying! The more I knit on it, the better I am liking it. Again, I'll have to get a picture.

I was thinking the other day, that I should get some of Jill's pretty gift tags (and you should too) to go with them. if for no other reason than then they will know that a) I made them and b) please please please don't throw the silk garden into the machine. The only reason I don't already have some around is that I rarely knit for non family people.

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